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Heart disease—the #1 cause of death in the United States—is a serious medical condition that often has treatment options offered by cardiologists who are trained to diagnose and to treat complex and minor heart and vascular conditions. At Valley Baptist Physicians Network’s The Heart and Vascular Clinic, our skilled cardiologist and vascular surgeon uses advanced technology and modern practices to treat heart and vascular conditions with the goal of improving the patient’s heart function. Our board-certified cardiologist and vascular surgeon, Fadi Alfayoumi, MD, delivers compassionate, comprehensive medical care for hearts and veins. Dr. Alfayoumi is committed to educating patients about their conditions, helping them not only heal but enjoy healthy lifestyles for years to come.

If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of a heart or artery condition, don’t delay seeing our cardiologist. Blocked artery repair, vascular disease treatment, heart disease treatment, heart arrhythmia, coronary bypass and valve replacements are all procedures that we perform to try to improve the function of your circulatory system.

From simple procedures to complex conditions, we have the knowledge and experience to address your concerns. You can trust your cardiologist at The Heart and Vascular Clinic in Brownsville, TX, to provide you with personalized care, right when you need it. Call us today for an initial consultation at (956) 698-5613 and let us get started on the road to helping you feel better again.

Call 911 right now if you believe you are having a heart attack or stroke.